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Top 5 Luxury Cars in the World

Well to start with, Cars doesn’t come under asset, it is a luxury. Again let us not be biased on this topic. It depends upon each individual’s though process. The car is usually termed as luxury based on the comfort, brand, features, and specifications. There are many segments in the car. To name a few, SUVS, sedan, and hatchback. Passionate drivers need some standards spec which many of the manufacturers don’t meet. Henceforth, they prefer the Germans! They are pioneers in automobile industry and they demand for what they do. This article will be discussing about top 5 luxury cars in the world.

  • Rolls Royce 

Rolls Royce is supposed to be greatest and grandest among all luxury cars. These cars are manufactured with 100% precision and there is no margin for errors at all. One such car is Phantom from Rolls Royce which is top rated because of the comfort that it offers. It comes along with a supreme v-12 engine.

  • Mercedes Maybach

Mercedes Maybach is supposed to be one of the supreme cars ever designed by Mercedes. It is fully loaded with one of kind technologies like driver assistance and active suspension. When you compare it with Rolls Royce, it is cost effective and worth buying.

  • Bentley 

Bentley is again a renowned brand and has come with top quality engines. You don’t find it more on the streets as the price range is too high.  A top assisting of driving force attraction has usually been a part of this large Bentley’s motive. And so at the same time as the Mulsanne doesn’t trip quite as serenely as a number of its closest competition, it handles and responds with extra vigour and verve, thank you now not least to its torquey turbocharged petrol V8.

  • Range Rover 

Design and architecture is something to stand and stare at the Range Rover. Most of the times they usually do sports utility vehicles. All Range Rovers are all terrain vehicles.

  • Mercedes AMG 

Sedan class AMG S65L is a treat to watch. This car takes the 5th position and cruises 0-62mph in 4.2sec. This car is owned by mostly business class people and it is rated as best cars ever produced by Benz.

Hope the article has covered enough information about the luxury cars. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!

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