Mercedes-Benz All Set For Its 11 New Releases


Mercedes- Benz is all set to embark its major growth phase in the U.S by refreshing the current 19 models and adding 11 new models to the range where it has never contended on the path to 2020.

The new models will range from the smallest Mercedes in the U.S., the CLA Class, to the super-luxe S-Class. The compact C Class convertible version will be there in the list of products.

Steve Cannon, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA in an interview with USA Today said “That’s a nonstop product cadence,” about the expansion of the models, a week after revealing his plans to all the dealers across the country.

It’s a bold move; with the growing competition from many other automakers, Cannon still believes that there will be existing and new luxury clients to roll out the gathering of the new models.

He doesn’t believe that the new auto eye candy will cannibalize customers from many other Mercedes models. He says “In most cases, our expansion really provides us with an opportunity to talk to a new customer.”

Cannon says that many automakers are planning to move in to the luxury market. The main goal is to keep them pushing successively up with every raise and promotion and driving them through all the years.

Cannon says “We’re a brand we think can absolutely connect with them,” and “Gen Y is just coming of age. We get on their radar screen in a big way.”

The new small CLA Class Mercedes-Benz is more affordable and gives more fuel efficiency. It is coming in 2013, along with a remodelled E Class that is very important for Mercedes Benz, and also the new S Class Benz.

Cannon says that the top version of C Class will make Mercedes to offer a low-price convertible, a compact that will also draw in Generation Y. The E Class droptop version is the lowest priced Mercedes car that costs more than $50,000.

The 7th generation of the S class will be offered in an extended version, which adds 10 inches to its wheelbase. He says that the changes will be to the back seat. One advantage of the new version is it will tempt the customers who are interested in buying a Maybach that has been discontinued now. Cannon says that they are offering the most amazing alternative car. The company has plans to introduce more models at affordable prices for the years 2015 and 2016.


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