How to Get Ready for Your Driving Lessons and Pass the Test With Flying Colors?


Every big journey starts with a step and the same holds good for someone’s driving journey. There are a number of things one needs to take care of, before taking up driving lessons, theory test, and then the final practical test.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Codes and Traffic Symbols – To begin with, it is important to get familiar yourself with different highway codes. This will surely serve as a basis to any driver from the time he or she starts learning driving all the way to the time when they stop driving. It is only a good idea to start learning about these codes as early as possible. Some of these codes will of course confuse you at the beginning and some may not even make any sense but still these codes would certainly give you a very good idea of what road safety, signs and driving etiquette.
  2. Try one of the driving simulators – There are many simulators programs that can be practiced with to get a hang of different real driving situations and get an almost exact feel of sitting behind the wheels.
  3. Gain More Know Through Forums – Then there are tons of websites and discussion forums online that can be visited by an individual to learn more and gain some knowledge. This would help a lot in taking up the theory test towards the end of the driving lessons. At these places, you can easily find most of the questions that have actually appeared in previous theory tests, and increase your chances of passing with flying colors.

Finding a Good Driving Instructor

Another very important part is finding the best driving instructor to train you. It is very important that the instructor is easy going, and makes the learner feel easy at all points. We know it for a fact that driving lessons are stressful, not only for the learner but also for the instructor; so, it is important that the instructor still manages to keep his cool and remain calm all the time.

Before You Take Up a Driving Test

Everyone who wants to take a driving test must fulfill all the necessary requirements. These requirements are properly mentioned in the application form, which can be taken at the time of applying for provisional license. If the candidate takes the test in the car of the driving instructor then those who are examining will be mostly sure about the car’s compliance with different legal requirements. On the other hand, if a candidate decides to take the test in his/her own vehicle, then it is important that it must bear “L” symbol at the front as well as rear. And, this “L” sign must be put on the car, so long as the new driver is considered to be a learner, and only after obtaining a permanent driving license, he/she can remove it from the car.

Other Considerations

One of the important tests that the examiner would mostly likely conduct is the candidate’s eye sight. While driving a car the candidate is asked to read out few number plates of other cars that are at little distance. Apart from this, the examiner also examines that the car totally complies with road tax, MOT, insurance, and other statutory requirements.

These are some of the common reasons why beginners should consider a professional and experienced driving instructor for taking up the lessons, and passing the driving test with flying colors.

So, now that you know about the kind of preparations needed to clear your driving test, leave no stone unturned in doing your prep right, and get the driving license in your first attempt!


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