BMW Adds Experian Auto Check Vehicle History Reports To Its Certified Pre-Owned Programs


North American division of BWM adds Auto Check history reports to its certified pre-owned as well as Mini next programs. The addition of Auto Check offers Mini and Bimmer dealers the ability to select those models past report that meets their requirements.

The announcement was made by Experian Automotive that North American branch of Bimmer has named it as supplier of automotive history reports for Mini Next and Certified Pre-Owned programs. With this reports, both company’s dealers would be able to help their customers in understanding the complete details of the vehicle and compare it with other vehicles using their Auto Check Score, building the confidence that they have chosen the right model.

Mini and BMW dealers certified their models with the report that may extend up to clients Experian automaker’s buyback protection that protects against major unseen brands on Auto Check’s guaranteed vehicles.

The department head of Pre Owned Sales for BWM, North America, Stephen Saward, said that offering their dealers with the option to select a history report is one of the steps towards their enhancing CPO programs.  It will give BMW and Mini dealers a choice when providing a quality report to their clients, giving them an added peace of mind when buying a car.

The report gives the data regarding whether or not the previously owned automotive had the quality to meet Mini Next and BMW CPO program standards, enabling their consumers to make more informed auto decisions.

Experian Automotive President, Scott Waldron, said that confidence and transparency between auto dealers and consumers is very important as a part of user vehicle buying process. The up-to-date information, regarding even the history of the vehicle is included in their Report, which offers high level of assurance for buyers, enabling them to understand even better before making the choice.

Experian Automotive offers market intelligence and information services that enable result-ambitious experts to clear picture of the market, vehicle, and the consumers. It houses a data base that has information about nearly 700million vehicles and in combination of Experian’s credit, it offers an integrated perception into the auto market.

Experian is one of the top global info service companies, providing analytical and data tools to customers across the world. It helps companies to prevent fraud, manage credit risk, automate decision making, and target marketing offers. It helps customers to check their report, score, and protect against theft.


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